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In the Era of Industry 4.0, we must be ready to compete with others, especially in the skill of technology field.


Our Course Offerings

Basic Skills of IT

6 week classes

We are provide fundamental training, starting from Operating System until Programming Laungage.

Intermediate & Advanced Coureses

12 week classes

For lift your skill in your daily activity, you can made it with us. From Intermediate IT Training to Advanced Technology

Self Learning Courses & Guides

Online Self Paced

You can monitor your growth with us, with correct path of training strategy.

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Why Learn a New Technology?

Travel The World With Confidence

You can go anywhere with the ability you have with confidence

Increase Your Job Opportunities

With increased skills, your chances of getting a better job will open up

More Perspective on Technology

you will get a better perspective on technology

Become a Better Learner

By following the course here you will become a person with a high level of adaptation

High Technology Absorption Rate

you will have a high absorption rate of understanding in the field of technology

Speak With More People

talk to colleagues more confident


Popular Courses

12 week class

Operating System & Programming Language

You will learn all kinds of computer operating systems, from Windows to Linux. And also several Programming Language, such as Java, Typescript, Flutter, Swift, and so on.

12 week clasS

Database Development

You will learn to build a database from scratch to a complete system


Why Learn With Us?


Experienced Teaching Staff

We are have an average of more than 10 years of experience in the world of information technology


Comfortable Course Room

with an air conditioned room and also far from the highway, making the learning atmosphere calm


Located in Near Jakarta

Our geographical location which is not too busy by traffic density, makes this location relatively quiet for studying


World Class Educators

Teachers who have produced more than 10 experiences, of course, have many ideas in developing your career

Learn From Home

Online Learning Options

During this pandemic, we have also provided online courses through various media, such as Zoom meeting, Google Meet and Microsoft Team.


What Our Students Say

A fun place to take courses with experienced teachers

Jane Doe

Learning Japanese for Business

I like the teaching method here, which not only teaches theory, but also practice.

Arnold Smith

Full-time Student Abroad

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